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Job Offer: Data Analyst:

Job description:

Data Analyst

Noni Brands Inc.

Full Time

PHP 20,000-45,000/mnth

ID Proof: 70

Oct 22, 2018


Job Overview

We are seeking for an A-player who will be the main leader of our business operations. You will be in charge of several departments and handling 30+ employees. You will be in charge of anything and everything. Your main function is creating/improving systems and managing employee performance to maximize the profit of each department. Your day-to-day functions will include training, delegating, brainstorming, deploying campaigns to experiment, scaling up profitable projects and setting and enforcing benchmarks for each team/employee.

Here are some REQUIREMENTS We are seeking for:

* Highly organized - this is the only way for you to stay on top of multiple tasks and projects going on at the same time, with different people and groups to follow up with, with different roadblocks/challenges

* Highly creative and resilient problem solver - you will be facing hundreds of problems/issues, and you need to be able to troubleshoot 80% of them yourselves - I don't want you coming to me with every problem you encounter. If your loved ones have rarely referred to you as being smart or intelligent, then this position is probably not for you.

* Excellent communication expertise - as the owner of the business, I will be communicating with you and you will be communicating with the entire team. If you can get your points across as clearly and as quickly as possible, you have an advantage. You will be managing 30+ people.

* Strong capability to train and delegate tasks - you need to delegate and train more leaders to reduce the burden/responsibility on your shoulders.

* Relentless drive to GROW - even if our systems are working well, I want you to be relentlessly thinking of ways to improve and optimize (cutting costs, figure out more efficient and elegant systems, finding more ways for us to gain more revenue..). This also means you are always experimenting with different and new campaigns - anything and everything for us to potentially get ahead!

* Analytical, methodical, meticulous, left-brained - these words should describe you, because this will enable you to improve all the departments to profit maximize and scale. You need to be someone that loves numbers and logic to figure out where the bottlenecks are. If you don't even know what bottlenecks are, please do not apply for this job.

* Loves change and working under pressure - let me state that this job is hard. Information technology is stressful. You will have a lot of responsibilities, your boss will be quite demanding, some team members may not be as competent as you would like and there are changes happening in the industry all the time that would challenge the systems/strategies we have in place.. What is your attitude going to be like• What kind of person are you• Do you thrive off high-pressure environments and enjoy change• This is who we want for this function. We don't want someone who fears change and is content with the status quo.

If Information technology seems like we are asking for too much, then this position is NOT for you.

If you are planning a career change soon, or if you are planning on going back to school, please do not apply! We only want you if you are looking for a long-term job.

We have high requirements because we only want the best, the brightest, most hardworking, most organized, analytical manager and problem solver to lead our team. If the thought of you managing 30 employees excites you? If the thought of you doubling or tripling our company revenues and doubling the size of our team excites you, then please apply to this position by clicking on this link. The application would take longer than a few minutes, but it's only because we really want to disqualify the candidates who don't have the drive or intellectual capacity.

Also, we are ok if your written or verbal English is not that good. We also don't really care about your educational certificates (example: I'm the owner of the company but I don't have a university degree)

Compensation: We offer competitive long-term salaries - We have been around since 2015 and our company is growing extremely rapidly. We have more than tripled year after year and we are only getting started. We are not a small-time company that is going out of business anytime soon. If you join our team, you will be compensateed with a great income plus performance bonuses.

Please apply through the link below. Only applications through our hiring portal will be accepted:




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