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Affiliate Marketers, practiced Recruiters (Everyone Interested):

Job description:

Affiliate Marketers, practiced Recruiters (Everyone Interested)

Lucre Caliber


$3.00/hr-$50.00/hr and bonuses

ID Proof: 30

Jun 14, 2018


Job Overview

Absolutely required (scaled in order of urgency): affiliate marketing, lead generation, and practice in recruiting, fluent English speaker and writer, Mostly any type of practice and skill that can help find others to join a company and its network.

Complimenting expertise (not required, but would make your hiring chance much higher): All other expertise mentioned in the 'expertise required.' These do not affect if the employee was thinking of staying long term, as having the actual required expertise at this time gives them a pretty good chance of that. Again, these expertise are NOT required at this time, Any and all expertise regarding marketing as well as accounting would be appreciated here.

Job: I am the creator and owner of a company called Lucre Caliber and I am looking to hire employees who know their way around recruiting others and generating leads towards gaining memberships to MLMs, whether that be through marketing on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, locally, or through other creative means of getting referrals. The sign up for this certain company is free at this time, so while this is the case, I need marketers who can find people interested in discounted travel as well as making passive earnings (this means getting paid monthly, weekly, and even daily) Employees will be given these very same opportunities, allowing them to make passive earnings while they make active earnings as well from putting in the hard work. Though practiced recruiters and affiliate marketers would be appreciated, any and ALL people looking for an opportunity to make some decent money are welcome to get hired. We're looking for as many people as we can get so that they can make themselves some decent money.

Pay: THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT ABOUT THE AMOUNT OF PAY THE EMPLOYEE WILL GET! PLEASE PAY CLOSE ATTENTION!!! This is a very important matter so please hang onto every detail I'm about to mention. The pay will work in 2 parts, the first is that we work purely off of work done, so the more people that get brought in, the more that employee is to be paid. The second is that the more people that each employee brings in, the more passive earnings that they make. Please keep in mind that at this very moment, recruitment will be extremely easy due to the sign up fee being free at this current time. Once this offer expires, you can still continue recruiting, but obviously being active currently while the offer is still around makes Information technology much easier for the recruiter.

Contact: Most likely I will want to stay in contact with the worker for a good portion of their working hours. I don't want them to think I'm watching them like a hawk haha, this is simply to get to know them better and hopefully build a healthy and trusting relationship. I prefer to know the people that I work with when Information technology comes to my business, I'm sure that's understandable.

Requirements: I require that all employees have an email they can access, a working phone number, and download these programs and are set up upon being hired: Skype, Discord, Timeproof.

Skype and Discord: This will be used to keep in touch with one another. Though Skype is useful, Discord is better at group chats as well as allowing staff to have access to new materials right on the spot than Skype, as they use different channels within the same group.

Timeproof: This is obviously to keep track of each employee. I do trust that you all wouldn't apply for this particular job if you didn't want to work (because the company's failure for that first month means not getting paid) but I think it's wise to be able to keep track of how many hours the employee worked as well as see what they're currently working on. I will be doing a lot of work myself and we'd rather have something automated keep track of your time correctly, not me, as I'll be all over the place working right alongside you.

Pay Warning: To remind every applicant reading this job posting, If profit is not being made by their own efforts, I cannot pay employees, keep this in mind before applying. Loyalty will be paid handsomely and the more work that is being achieved here, a.k.a. the more people being recruited during this exclusive offer, the faster they can get paid hundreds of dollars at a time. Keep in mind also that the more people that get recruited, the much better chance I will add in hourly wages along with the combination of the upfront pay per person being recruited and the monthly wages already promised. If this is a prosperous recruitment phase, bonuses will be given out to all proven employees.
expertise required:
• Office & Admin (Virtual adjunct)
   - Email Management
   - Recruitment adjunct
• English
   - Speaking
   - Translation
   - Writing
• Marketing & Sales
   - Affiliate Marketing
   - Email Marketing
   - Facebook Marketing
   - Lead Generation
   - LinkedIn Marketing
   - Sales Representative
• Advertising
   - Creative advertising
   - Facebook Ads
   - Instagram Ads
   - Other Ad Platforms



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